Multi-Room Overview

Multi-room (or Multi-zone) audio and video systems allow you to enjoy music, DVDs and TV throughout your place - including outdoors. Imagine listening to your favourite CD in the lounge, while your kids watch a DVD in the family room as your partner relaxes with a wine on the deck listening to a radio station... all from the same centralised system!

Discrete in-ceiling speakers, keypad touch panels and through-wall remote controls make for simple operation without impacting on your decor. Using the fine products listed below, we specialise in custom installing multiroom systems that meet your requirements, whether it be just a couple of zones or more than a dozen.

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Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) Loudspeakers and Subwoofers.
Paradigm Loudspeakers and Subwoofers
PMC Loudspeakers and Subwoofers
Sonance Passive Loudspeakers and Active Subwoofers.

Multizone Amplifiers

Axium Multi-Zone Amplifiers
Cambridge Audio Incognito Multiroom System.
Elan Multi-Room Music System.
Sonos Wireless Multi-Room Digital Music System.

Automating Remotes / Control Systems

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AMX The ultimate in control automation. AMX is a world leader in multimedia control systems. From an incredible home theatre to a fully automated climate control system, AMX technology puts control over your entire home right at your fingertips.
Buffalo Electronics Infra-red repeaters and in-wall volume controls.
Elan Infra-Red / Touchscreen / IP control systems
Philips Pronto Philips consulted widely with installers (like us) to enhance the latest line of Pronto automating remotes. The improvements mean that this is currently our favourite device for Home Entertainment automation.
Xantech Xantech has led the way in developing products that let you operate your audio/video system by remote control from any room in the house. Touchscreen remotes, in-wall keypads and a host of clever devices to make installers lives easier.
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