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We have very limited stock of these at items at the old price.

  • Neumann BCM104 (nickel finish)
    Broadcast announce microphone.
    $1549 inc GST save $400
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  • Sandman Custom Interconnects

    Analog & Digital: Audio & Video

    We custom make quality video and audio cables using excellent parts, without the ridiculous price tag. Our RCA analog audio interconnects use the exact same cable, connectors and silver solder as a big name international manufacturer, but ours are a quarter of the price.

    Most cables sold as SPDIF digital audio interconnects do not use true 75ohm RCA connectors, but ours do! Why not own cables that actually meet the proper spec?
    Please email us for more info.
    Also refer to our Articles & Links section for what to look for when choosing cables.

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