Hi-Fi Overview

Even with the emergence of surround music formats such as SACD and DVD-A, two-channel (stereo) audio continues to be the way most people prefer their music.

Our broad experience with high quality systems ranging from recording studios to the audiophile means you get the benefit of sound advice whether you're tastes are casual or serious.

From individual components to complete systems allow us to guide you to the immense satisfaction of a wonderful hi-fi.


Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) Loudspeakers and Subwoofers.
Paradigm Loudspeakers and Subwoofers
PMC Loudspeakers and Subwoofers


Sennheiser Dynamic & Active, Open & Closed Back, Wired & Wireless and Noise-Cancelling Headphones.
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Amplifiers, CD and DVD Players, Surround Processors

Bryston Bryston back their fantastic products with a 20 year worldwide warranty! Pre, Power and Integrated Amplifiers, Active Crossovers.
Cambridge Audio Integrated Amplifiers, Surround Receivers, CD and DVD Players, Tuners.
Classe Surround Processors, Amplifiers, CD and DVD Players.
Cyrus Pre, Power, Surround and Integrated Amplifiers, iPod docks, CD Players, DVD player, FM Tuner.
Manley Valve Amplifiers.
Sonos Wireless Multi-Room Digital Music System.
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Interconnects, Speaker Cables

Canare Cable, Connectors
Liberty Cable, Connectors
Neutrik Connectors
Nordost Cable
QED Cable, Connectors
Van den Hul Cable
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Automating Remotes

AMX The ultimate in control automation. AMX is a world leader in multimedia control systems. From an incredible home theatre to a fully automated climate control system, AMX technology puts control over your entire home right at your fingertips.
Bitwise Leading edge control system using your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad as the controller for your Home Theatre, Security system, Home Automation etc.
Buffalo Electronics Infra-red repeaters and in-wall volume controls.
Elan Infra-Red control systems
Philips Pronto Philips consulted widely with installers (like us) to enhance the latest line of Pronto automating remotes. The improvements mean that this is currently our favourite device for Home Entertainment automation.
Xantech Xantech has led the way in developing products that let you operate your audio/video system by remote control from any room in the house. Touchscreen remotes, in-wall keypads and a host of clever devices to make installers lives easier.
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Sound Creations Made in New Zealand, the Sound Creations range of designs accomodate for individual styling and equipment requirements, including tailoring rack dimensions to suit your particular needs.
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