Custom Installation

We are primarily a design and custom installation business.


Historically, Electronic Systems Contractors like Sandman Audio Video have been viewed as merchants of electronics. This still holds true for retail electronic shops today. Consumers walk in, select the products they desire, and go home. The transaction is complete. The only similarity with Electronic Systems Contractors is the fact that we also supply finished goods. There are however vast differences in what we offer. We work with our clients, guiding them through the process of integrating technologies that affect their lifestyle. These integrated technologies make us feel secure, comfortable, informed and entertained. These are all emotional responses to our surroundings and we donít take that lightly.

The Process


Would you build a house without a builder, architect or interior designer? Sandman Audio Video is a design firm. Through the course of our working relationship, we will learn more about your lifestyle, your needs, and desires. We use that information to select the best solutions, products and functionality within budget. The systems we design are meant to conceal all of the intricacies and complexities of technology today. If you want it to be easy to use, it will require more work and most likely cost more than simply buying boxes at a mass retailer. The attention spent early in a project will be appreciated throughout and certainly at the end.

Project Management

Sandman Audio Video oversees the integration of all systems we provide. We expect to communicate with key people on a project such as Architect, Project Manager, Building Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Security Contractor, Sky or Telstra installer and so on. We accept the responsibility of managing the process of implementing our systems with all parties involved.


As a specialist Electronic Systems Contractor, Sandman Audio Video will provide expert installation of the technologies you desire. Emerging as the fourth trade (Electrician, Plumber, HVAC, and Electronics Systems Contractor) Sandman Audio Video will do all of the physical work. Our technicians are CEDIA certified (Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association) which requires continuing education credits to retain certification. Electrical and electronic qualifications area also held by members of our team along with accreditation for programming a range of digital signal processors and control systems. Our technicians are clean, courteous, honest, and respectful of the customers property and privacy.
We are happy to install/integrate equipment purchased from another supplier into our design, however we charge a discovery fee (typically 0.5hr per device) to familiarise ourselves with the functionality/features/programming requirements of such devices.

Documentation & Training

We will provide an initial training session, quick start guides (where required) and system schematics for the equipment we supply. There will be an additional charge if you require us to provide training on equipment purchased from another supplier.